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The damaged ones – nuovo album dei 9electric

I 9ELECTRIC annunciano la release del debut album ‘The Damaged Ones’

L’album sarà pubblicato il 15 luglio 2016 su Another Century

Disponibile il video di “New God”

9ELECTRIC - The Damaged Ones

Gli alternative rocker losangelini 9ELECTRIC pubblicheranno il loro primo album di inediti ‘The Damaged Ones’ il 15 luglio 2016 su Another Century. La band è attualmente in tour con i compagni di etichetta Lacuna Coil, Butcher Babies e Painted Wives.

Di seguito un primo assaggio dell’album con la traccia “New God”:

“Abbiamo sempre avuto un approccio diverso per i nostri video ma questa volta abbiamo pensato a delle semplici riprese delle nostre live performance” commenta Thunderwood, cantante, regista e autore del video “Siamo una band della nuova scena di Hollywood e abbiamo registrato questa canzone per un club che ha chiuso i battenti, è stato il nostro modo per rendergli omaggio. La potenza e l’energia di quella sera è stata registrata ed è la dimostrazione della carica live dei 9Electric, oltre che la dimostrazione di quello che sarà il nostro album di debutto”.


9ELECTRIC are not just a product of the Hollywood scene, they are a band that helped build today’s scene. They did it with a live show that is bigger than the clubs they pack, a sound that is as big as their live spectacle, and the determination to remind us all that while rock and roll is a celebration, it resonates the deepest when it has a purpose. “We are about empowerment and living with a sense of intention” Thunderwood says of the band. “Whatever you do, do it with some fucking conviction. Make something happen in your life.”

‘The Damaged Ones’ is 9ELECTRIC setting their conviction to music. It is not a placebo intended to placate the masses, it is intense group therapy for the band and their fans.

“The album describes the human condition – no one is truly safe, because at some point we’re all damaged” says Thunderwood, with bassist Casey DC adding “the song itself – the album’s title track – is about the process of becoming damaged and how it leads to being socially ostracized, a common feeling amongst bands and fans. This song is about how we band together and become part of the rock scene as opposed to the mainstream.”